Looking to form a new VRC team or join one

My daughter, a rising 8th grader and myself (as coach) have participated in FLL for 5 years and are now looking to switch to VRC.

My daughter is looking to form a new team or join a team in the Chantilly area.

Please advise on how we can accomplish this.

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The VEX Robotics Competition’s are run through the Robotics Education and Competition Foundation. It looks like Chantilly is going to be covered by the local RSM: Ben Mitchell, Virginia, 609-619-1906

Some other good resources will be these two websites: https://www.robotevents.com/ (This is where events are posted).

https://www.roboticseducation.org/ This is where all the competition information and foundation information is held.


Thank you. I reached out to Ben who asked me to post on this forum for forming a team.

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It looks like there are a lot of existing teams in your area. What I would do is ask your RSM to forward your contact information to the teams in your area.

I don’t think this is the best place to find people as we are a special subset of people that spend our summers here… :slight_smile:


compared to those from the southern hemisphere who are spending their winter here… :slight_smile:


I’m from Northern Virginia but I’m not sure what you’re asking. Are you looking for potential team members? Are you looking to join an existing team? Are you looking to join a school team? Or are you just looking for advice on how to find new members…? It looks like you’re looking for her to join a middle school team.


I’m also from Northern VA. Are you trying to start a new team, or join an existing one?

Thanks for the replies.

My daughter goes to Rocky Run Middle school in Fairfax, VA. We do not have a Vex team in the school.

So we are looking for team members from within and outside the school to form a private team or

to join a VRC team (preferably of middle schoolers) in the Chantilly.

I reached out to Ben Mitchell and he directed me to the Vex forum.


I’m an EP, so I can see what teams are registered and took a look at last year. There were no middle school teams registered in Chantilly last year. So your best bet might be to start your own team.

The way we started our team was to recruit neighbors and friends of my DD. You could also contact the math and science teachers at your school to see if they have any candidates. I have found, though, that if it appears a private team might conflict with an existing school activity (like if your MS participates in a different robotics program) you might not get a friendly reception from the school.

Also, if you are starting a majority girl team - check out the girl powered grants for new teams. These are from the RECF and details can be found on their website.

There is also a facebook page for VEX coaches only that you should consider joining. In order to be admitted, you must answer all questions.


Here’s an opportunity: https://blogs.nvcc.edu/systemic/2019/07/29/community-robotics-teams/

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A good question is, how far are you willing to drive for a team? The prevalence of private teams in our area has resulted in a few people driving out for it.

The community teams by NOVA Systemic will be a good option, though I’m not sure how often they’ll meet.


All good points - but he might be able to meet other like-minded people at the interest meeting and branch off.

As @OscarMNOVA12 points out, the ability to drive outside of Chantilly could open you to joining other private teams in the area.

Just thought about Explorer Post - they’re in Haymarket - if you’re willing to travel: http://explorerpost1882.scoutlander.com/publicsite/unithome.aspx?UID=31149


Thank you all for your responses. I started a FLL team last year by contacting the school. However we are looking into Vex. We like that the kids can have ample time to work on it during the Summer unlike First where the game is released in September.

Although the school welcomed me starting a team, I won’t be able to speak to them until after the school year commences. So I was looking at my options of starting the team both within and outside the school.

We are not looking to drive too much for team meetings therefore leaning towards our own VRC team.

My email address is cdcosta@gmail.com.
Please feel free to forward to anyone who wants to form a VRC team with me in Chantilly (Fairfax County-VA) area.


Be sure to join the facebook group: VEX World Coaches Association

This group is all about how to manage teams and robotics programs.


Thanks for the information.