Looking to mentor a team around the Oxford Area

Hey guys, I’m going to study abroad in the UK for about 6 weeks from late June to early August. I was wondering if there were any teams in the Oxford area that would be interested in having me.

Ways to contact me:
Email: rallado2014@my.fit.edu
or PM on vexforums

I’m not entirely sure what my schedule will be like yet, but I should be fairly available.

General Background
-NbN will be my 6th year of robotics competitions
-Competed in robotics for 4 years and participated in Vex, FTC, and FRC competitions. Eventually, I expanded my high school team to participate in robofest and battlebot/NRL competitions
-Mentored the six 508 teams for the skyrise season
-Currently pursuing a double major in Biomedical Engineering and STEM Education
-Heavily experienced in mechanics and design, but I also have enough programming experience to get a robot running in Easy C or PROSe. Furthermore, I can also get a robot running with sensors in Robot C

Here in the UK we don’t really have mentors for our teams. But it’s never too late to start. We have about 120 teams here but i don’t remember any from oxford last year. I’ll have a look around and if i find any i’ll see if i can get you in contact.
Another thing is due to our exams our VEX season only starts in september.