Looking to price old vex parts

Wondering how much I’d be able to sell an old vexplorer robotics kit for… It’s this one: http://www.amazon.com/Revell-Monogram-31445083532-Revell-Vexplorer-Robotics/dp/B000O0PWN6

I believe it has all parts/components with it.

I was thinking of going like 300$, but I’d love to here your guys’ input.

Thanks for your help! Its been a while.

I dont know about crystal or whatever that uses, but i know that cortexes and controllers go for like 250 these days. If i were you, i’d put it up for like $700, bring it down if you don’t get any buyers.

I’m pretty sure VEX doesn’t sell these anymore so this could go for a lot more than 300 bucks.

The radio is not VEXnet compatible. Its not a Cortex brain and as far as I remember is is not programable. Its pretty much a nice clawbot(*) You wont get $700 from someone that knows VEX parts. You should look at the cost of a protobot kit and go from there.

(*) All hail the clawbot