Loophole in rule?

Okay, so there Is a rule that says during the programming challenge, teams that are in possession of a cube may pause their program, pick up the cube and put it in a non scoring position., and the robot hs to be placed in a starting position. It doesn’t say where on the field secifically, just any non scoring position. How do you interpret that?

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It’s exactly what you said, “in a non-scoring position”. That would be anywhere on the field except in a goal or on a platform.

It has been clarified in this official Q&A :https://www.robotevents.com/VIQC/2019-2020/QA/392
there is a follow-up question asking the GDC to reconsider the answer given.


They finally answered the follow-up question by, I guess, refusing to answer it:

  1. When a blue or red cube is placed on the opposite side of the field, can it be placed between the other cube and the wall? It seems like there is enough room, but the students may move the other cube a little bit in the process.

It is impossible to issue a blanket ruling that would encompass all hypothetical states of the field / Cubes. That said, any interaction between a Driver and a Game Element (that is not being reset per G17) would be considered a violation of G9.


The follow-up question was specific to programming skills matches; G17 makes handling the robot legal in driving skills matches only when it requires assistance.