Los Angeles and Bakersfield State Championship Canceled

Today we got information about the Los Angeles and Bakersfield state championship…

It was canceled today due to the Covid-19 outbreak and pandemic… Yeah
Our teams are super sad and disappointed in the LA governors decision about this and would really like others to come out and share your story’s about how you got qualified and your robots as a final goodbye.

Thanks from
7035M and 7035S


Just broke the news to the team this afternoon. And with only a few days until competition, it made it that much harder because of all the hard work and time these kids put in. With this Covid-19 pandemic, students understood the magnitude of the situation and quickly asked me what are we going to do now? We are going to prepare like we always do and get better in whatever we are not as strong in. And be ready for the new game reveal.

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Not just regionals and states have been cancelled, but worlds also was cancelled.

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Yeah. When our mentor told us we were shocked. We couldn’t really focus for the rest of the day.

I have also heard rumors that if this pandemic somehow ends and they do reschedule Worlds (very unlikely) they will chose teams from the skills list, like for States. The issue is, some teams already had their states and have an amazing skills score but others, like us, don’t really have a great score.

The worst part was is that we just got our robot functioning really good. But life throws you curve-balls and you have to work around them.

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This is the time of year we all get our robots working like they should. Then it’s over. :frowning:

Don’t plan on Worlds being rescheduled. That won’t happen. There are simply too many things to deal with.

Congrads on making it as far as you did, and good luck next season.


unfortunately that is not possible because @DanMantz has stated that worlds will not be rescheduled.

thank you very much for your support.

Lead Builder from 92620C, it was my first and last year on the team. We were going to LA and U.S. Open but…yeah. Just rebuild after the last tournament and finally got it working really well, but welp. Good luck to everyone.



Yes, I know now but as of writing my previous post this information was not spread to me yet. But thank you for the update!

wait weren’t you the guys who won excellence, tournament champs and skills champ all at one event? (i know my CA teams)-Rancho Del Rey Middle School Tourney?

Yeah, we were the ones at Rancho Del Ray.