Losing torque on our motor

when we were testing our stacks we realized that at first we were able to stack 7 cubes but now we are struggling to stack 5. Does anyone have advise?


Try letting your motors cool for a bit, they may have overheated a bit and need some time to rest. Another issue could be your arm bending outwards, and making it harder for your intake to grab the cubes. If they are overheated, try removing friction in your intakes which will make it easier for the motors to run. If the issue is bending, try reinforcing your arm and try to stop it from bending outwards.


i mean our pusher physically can not stack 7 cubes anymore, we reinforced everything. it just will not push the tray up, we have torque cartridge in the motor.

Try pushing your arm closer together and stack 7, if it does it, then the c-channels might already be bent and need to be replaced.

But the issue is losing the torque to push the tray up

Oh I kind of understand what you’re saying, the issue isn’t the intake pushing the cubes up, it’s your tray motor not being able to place the cubes once 7 are stacked. What ratio do you have for the motor?


Has the geometry for the tilter been changed, that might be the reason.

feel the motor, it can thermal throttle like a computer processor, check the angles and make sure its not bent and something didnt just cause friction. make sure it moves easily if you were to pull out the tilter motor

could you be more descriptive with what you mean? Is the mechanism not moving or has continued use damaged it in some way?

well, we havent changed anything, it was originally working and all of a sudden it lost torque, it tries to push the tray up but it cant. i dont know the gear ratio off the top of my head.

Pictures would be helpful

did it loose power over the course of a single testing session? if so, your motor is probably overheating.
if it’s been getting weaker over the course of many different tests, then the integrity of your tilter mechanism is probably degrading. check to see if you have excessive friction in your tilter (disengage the motor, and manually move the gears. see if there is any notable resistance.)


Ok well I had a comp today and I just had to switch my batteries quite a bit but I was able to get a stack of 7.

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