Lost and Found

A lot of people leave stuff behind at competitions or lose stuff.
Maybe there should new category started for lost and found stuff.

I have seen a lot of valuable equipment left behind, such as controllers and power tools.


Yeah, but the competition managers should be aware of what is lost and the coaches should always make sure. This might work but most people don’t use the vex forum. Like Competition managers.

It’s definitely a good idea, but considering the quantity of the teams on the Vex Forum (a lot and still not everyone), the quantity of competitions, and the amount of people who forget stuff and don’t realize it (I do that a lot), it isn’t really practical. Plus, I think that EP’s can contact mentors after the event.


Its still worth a try since a potential find of a lost object could save hundreds of dollars.

Yeah, it is a good idea but it might not work

I’d recommend marking all of your gear with your team number (at a minimum). If you’ve discovered you’ve lost something at a tournament, call the EP ASAP. I’ve hosted tournaments and found batteries, controllers, and all kinds of stuff. It is really easy when team number is on the item because I can just contact the team. Even if it isn’t marked, you could still try to contact the EP. I would not recommend flooding the forum with emails about lost items. Just contact the EP.


Had an interesting experience in my rookie year. We had a box of batteries (8 iirc) which were for the old control system. We left that box with all 8 batteries behind at the tournament (which was nearly 6 hours away). Luckily, I had left a load of contact information on that box and we got a call.
On the topic of having that sort of stuff on this forum, yeah keep it in the emails to EPs and stuff. If a team loses something that expensive chances are they’ll come back trying to get it and will be sending emails in no time.

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To be honest it’s going to consist mainly of , basic hand tools, small screws, keps nuts, the really skinny spacers, and small 3D Printed objects.

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Ya it’s gonna be hard to control it when people think that they rly need things like washers and spacers. Assuming that this does become a thing, there should be a system that makes it so only expensive items get posted

I just email the coaches after the event if we find anything.


It is really not, the EP’s are region specific and so are the teams, no need to blast the forum with it. Have the EP send an email to the teams after the competition.


EPs are usually able to get stuff back to teams (well, teams usually come back to pick it up). I run middle school events, stuff they leave behind:

  • Engineering Notebook
  • Battery charging case
  • Tool boxes
  • Power tools
  • Extension cords / power strips
  • Robot
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Umm That’s definitely careless

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My teams have done many on the list - leaving the robot at event has not happened to them, but they have left it on a morning school bus. They tried hard to make sure I did not know about it.,…

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Can confirm! At our recent FLL state tournament, I had a parent turn in to me a robot that a team had somehow left outside, in between the two buildings where the event was being held. Not quite sure how that happened…


At Regionals a team that - we posted a picture of the abandoned robot … thankfully it had license plates on it making it easy to get it back to the team.

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