Lost Autonomous program after Brain firmware update.

As the title indicates upon upgrading the firmware to version 1.03 for the Brain I noticed the Program “Autonomous” was no longer listed. Only Driver Control remains. The Updater software indicates all my devices are up to date now. What happend to my Autonomous program and; how do I get it back? Also, when I try to run the Driver Program my Controller shows connected but it doesn’t control the motors when I move the joysticks. The Clawbot remains stationary. I intend to install RobotC once this is resolved. Please help.

Hello VEX IQ User,

In order to understand your problem better, please respond to the questions on point# 3:

  1. Your Autonomous program is no longer listed because you upgraded the firmware. When you upgrade the firmware you set your units to the factory setting, which only include a driver control program.

  2. The only way to get back your Autonomous program is to use ModKit or ROBOTC to reload it.

  3. You should be able to run all of your motor under driver control.
    How many motors do you have connected?
    Which motor ports are they connected to?
    Are you on tether mode?