lost easyC software

Me and my mentor were trying to get all are programming stuff ready for are meeting tomorrow and we had to load are software onto the laptops again as they were wiped over the summer. The only issue is that we can’t find our disks/software keys. Is there any way that we could get a free version online or something. I know that there is a free trial but my mentor wants something more permanent. Any suggestions would be great.

  Thanks in advance.

As easyC is payware, there shouldn’t be any (legal) free versions online.

I would suggest contacting easyC, and asking if there is any way you could retrieve the access codes (i.e. providing an email address they were registered under).


Try contacting Intellitek with lots of details about the club and who purchased the software originally, order numbers, date of ordering, that sort of stuff. If you’re lucky, they might be able to find your original order, and again if you’re lucky, they might give you either your original license key or a replacement one. You should be able to then just download the trial version of EasyC and enter the key into there.

I had a similar issue just a few days ago, if you email intelitek they are extremely helpful. I had it sorted out with them within the day. Just download the “trial” version and they’ll sort it out from there