Lost Sony Vaio Laptop at World Championships

Hi Guys,

First let me start off by congratulating everyone on their amazing accomplishments at the World Championships. Unfortunately, I appear to have misplaced my laptop at the World Championships. The last place I remember having it was the Arena (for emergency programming during the round robin). I have already contacted Vex and the convention center, but have had no luck on either of those ends. I am now reaching out to the awesome community on the forum to see if someone had mistakenly taken it. Some basic info on the laptop: (to prove it’s mine):

  • It is a Black Sony Vaio
  • It was inside its laptop bag, probably with some crumpled up papers also in the bag
  • Inside the bag was also a Maroon and Gold striped tie, as well as a charger, and maybe some programming wires
  • It has windows 8 and two accounts on it.

If you think that you accidentally took this, and you have it, please PM me. I will gladly pay for the shipping.

Thanks Guys, and once again congratulations to everyone on their accomplishments!

Try calling the Lost and Found at the Guest Services desk at the Anaheim Convention Center – 714 765 8950. Good luck finding your computer.