Lots of ideas

I have a list of ideas for new products such as a bluetooth sensor, a programing app, an app that diagnosis program problems, controller app, parts to make airborne vex robots linking two cortexts together digital vex database and programing guide omni wheel tracks. Wireless prgraming

Those all sound cool, and I am sure we’d all love to hear more about and discuss your ideas!

Regarding wireless programming and debugging, I’m not sure if you’ve heard of the programming cable yet, but it allows you to connect to the robot over VEXnet: http://www.vexrobotics.com/276-2186.html

So let me takel the idea of linking more than one cortext. I took the robotics course at my high school the year of vex toss up and one thing i would have liked at the time was a way to linking two cortexes together. You can only have a limitted amount of port space for motors and sensors and such. If you could get two or more too talk to each other.

Also more attachments than claws

Instead of another cortex, maybe a sensor expansion slot like the power expander for motors would be pretty great, as it would allow you to spread out battery power over your robot, and increase sensor slots. Not sure how to connect output though…

I’m not for more attachments, personally, I see them as a bit of a cheat tool, and don’t help learning so much. The claw is just there to quickly put something together in the class to demonstrate manufacturing robots, etc.
I would like to see angled 1 hole, 2-3 hole pieces, 35 in length.
Or sprockets with inserts, so we can get them free spinning and not just axle locked.
And new motors. Please. Like. Please.
A smaller form quad encoder.

Better aluminum kits- Offer kits with just c-channels, and flats, as they are the most commonly needed parts for teams.

Just my two cents :stuck_out_tongue:

I’d love to see like a 10x10 plate. and 5x10 c channels so we don’t have to cut those. It’s a pain to cut with a hack saw. C channels with 90 degree bends in them would also be great.

I would just like to see smaller omnis again. Those would be so cool to have!

I would like a mass production of half c-channels, those would save my team lots of time.

Not for any particular reason, but I’d like to have smaller mechanum wheels. Maybe like the 3.25" set of Omni’s

Interesting, but I would love to hear what you expect to accomplish with each of these. Not to be a stick in the mud, but:
bluetooth sensor? Why?
a programming app? I think learning to program in Robot C is a great way to learn skills needed out in the real world.
an app to diagnose program problems? I am not sure that you will truly learn programming if you just had an app to diagnose the problems.
airborne vex robots? maybe, but not likely with current motors (power to weight issues, possibly)
linking two cortexes together? They are expensive enough for many teams. We don’t want the competition to become even more of a competition between the have and have-nots (money-wise)
digital vex database and programming guide? not a bad idea
omni wheel tracks? interesting