Lovejoy Robotics Competition

A huge thanks to Brain Lidington and Lovejoy High School for hosting the second annual Loevejoy Extreme Engineering Robotics Competition this past weekend. There were over 30 teams that competed, and featured some very exciting final matches.

Awards given:
Judges - 136R Berkner Robotics

 Judges - 136E Berkner Robotics (unique design)

 Excellence - 9090A MCS VEX-E

I will try to get the qualification standings and results posted later.

Ok here’s what I have:

Driver’s Skills: 9090A - 85 points

Programming Skills: 9090A - 44 points

Thanks for posting the results !
Congrats to 1604 , 1429B , 704 as Lovejoy Champions

I’m shocked 148 was not in the finals !

Congratulations to all the teams, and I’m especially looking forward to seeing our friends from Team KAOS at Worlds.

Yep, that’s what I was wondering too…

Paul, do they have another competition? Dallas wouldn’t be the same if at least one 148 team wasn’t there :(.

As far as I know this was the only event they were going to compete in this year prior to Worlds.