Low boy trailer

Just an idea I had to try out :slight_smile:

2017-03-15 10.33.22.jpg

2017-03-15 10.31.47.jpg

2017-03-15 10.32.07.jpg

2017-03-15 10.30.55.jpg

2017-03-15 10.31.18.jpg

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Cool. Its fun to take a real world object and recreate it with modeling gear.

Thanks. I sometimes get too caught up in the scaling, so some creations survive only 5-10 rebuilds and then die on the table, but that’s all part of it.

Perseverance and the new construction techniques I learn along the way each time - those things I can model and pass on to the kids with whom I volunteer. Of course, I also just build new things because I enjoy it :slight_smile:

Where is the Peterbuilt head end? And you clearly have a bigger parts collection than most of us. :slight_smile:

The local library is running an exhibit of Lego models, with a firetruck, race car and a really nice tractor. Nice to see some of the same things with IQ.

Didn’t build the head again - takes too long! The drive train is a rebuild for Valeria. Short video to show motion coming soon. And yes, I have a lot of parts! Been doing this for four years now, and kits are a better bargain than parts. Even got one super kit NEW on ebay for only $160!

Exhibit sounds very cool. Another tinkerer also suggested that vex needs more parts for building everyday machines like steering linkages, and I must say that I agree.

Thanks for the post. Kcsoukup has me excited to start a clock next. Stay tuned… :slight_smile: