Low Profile HS Clamping Shaft Collar...Caveat Emptor

If you bought Low Profile High Strength Clamping Shaft Collar - 276-7580
get ready to have your patience tested. The insert screw for the collar “strips out” extremely easy. Which is really nice in the middle of a build and you are not able to remove the collar. Which usually means you will have to disassembly the mechanism you are working on to get at the problem.

We bought our first batch and within (1) practice session we had two striped out collars . Sure blame it on the kids overtightening the screws, but in reality the screws are no where near the durability needed to withstand kids working on projects.

My advice, stick with the old ones: 276-6102…that is, if you can find them…hello resellers.

Looking forward to discussions where some enterprising individuals remove the cheap screw insert and drill out the screw opening to allow a better locking option.

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Is it the screw heads or the collars themselves that are stripping? If just the screw head, I guess I’d simply replace the screw with a commercial screw. (This would, of course, be hex recess rather than torx)


We switched to the Wiha Precision Tools so our students would have less tool torque. Most of the assemblies do not require much force for them to hold their position.


The screw heads are stripping

Sounds good. We will give that a look.

Kind of the same problem with the original shaft collars. With those, I started buying 18-8 stainless set screws from McMaster to replace the OEM screw. I think I’ll do the same with these…haven’t heard of problems from my teams yet, but it doesn’t hurt to be proactive.