Low-Strength Chain

I was wondering whether low strength chain is still available anywhere. I couldn’t find it on Robosource, Robotshop , and on VEX’s official store .

You’ve been looking for parts in all the wrong places. Check Robot Mesh’s website.

It is sold as “sprocket and chain.” I see RobotMesh has it: https://www.robotmesh.com/vex-sprocket-chain-kit


We also have the add-on (low-strength) chain still available: https://www.robotmesh.com/vex-additional-chain

I have some that I will be selling at (not new, but never used) along with a lot of other VRC stuff (used), all half-priced (cortex, sensors, batteries, remotes, bearings, gears, sprockets, pretty much anything). PM me if you’re interested.

Vex’s website is also still selling it here. They have it listed as sprockets and chain as opposed to high strength sprockets and chain as well.

Well, I’m an absolute genius.:stuck_out_tongue: