Lower Goal Scoring vs Floor Tile Thickness

While most of you are worlds bound and 95% of you are making all your shots into the high goal.

For the others that are pushing balls under the low goal I have a question, is the thickness of the floor mats making a difference on how much you can score?

Looking at the game elements, they bolt to the field perimeter, that gives them an exact height off of the floor. But, the thickness of the tiles under the goal can be as much as a 1/2" difference. I’ve found variations of mats to be 1/4" inch to 3/4".

Have any of you that push balls under the goals noticed the difference in the mat thicknesses?

While Building the fields for multiple tournaments this year i have definetely noticed a difference in toughness to push balls under, sometimes if you roll a ball at the low goal it would touch the white line automatically. Not sure if this an old mat-new mat thing or something else

The squishiness/hardness of the balls has influenced the low goal scoring too.

A 1/4" thick floor tile would not meet the standards of the VEX field. I measured some older (VEX official) tiles at 5/8" and some newer ones at 9/16". Also note that some tournament organizers set the field perimeter ON the tiles, instead of having the tiles INSIDE the perimeter, which would add an extra 9/16" (plus or minus) to the clearance under the low goal bar.