Lowering tray angle

Hello, it’s me again, ik lol. I had a competition the other day, and today I fixed the issues I had. The issue that came up was lowering my tray angle. It is close to 60 degrees atm, and I was wondering how I could lower it. I dont want to move the pivot for the tray forward any more. One thing I thought of was to cut down the towers, and swap to a 1:5 ratio, not a 1:7. I would prefer to not cut the towers down, so if anyone has any solutions or ideas, that would be amazing!
While you’re here, ig I should bring up that when i constantly intake, cubes rotate, and bounce out, but I should add intake wings for that, unless there is something better?
I can still intake 8+ cubes just fine, but I am planning a 11cube or 12cube traybot for state, so lowering the tray angle is one of my interests.


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You can move your towers father apart so that your tray does not hit the gears. That way you can keep the 1:7 and not cut the towers. Or you can convert your arms to the half 4 bar arms that some teams use so that you can move the 7 gear down on the towers and not have a gear attached to the main bar of your arms.


What we did is use a simple 4 bar for our arm lift in order to move the gearing down lower on our towers. That way our tray was able to lean much further back. I’ll see if I can get some pictures in a little bit.


I wouldnt like to move the towers apart, as I am barely getting by with my 24t sprockets, and I plan to swap to 18t for state. Also, any further out would contact the wheel, as I am using mecanums.

I see how that 4bar could work, and I will definitely consider it if a different option doesnt pop up

Well you don’t have to move the arms, just the towers and gears.

Moving the towers out will interfere with the mecanums.

Yeah, that would be a hassle. I would just go for the 4 bar. And as an added bonus, if you do it right, you won’t have to move the tray in order to move the arms.

Edit: side note, screw in your standoffs my dude.




Yep, I saw that lol

Two questions about the 4bar posted.

  1. The motor is mounted below the 84t gear. Right?
  2. Does that move the arms up all the way?
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  1. either top or bottom it doesn’t matter.
  2. yes it gives full range of motion as long as you space out your bar lengths correctly. Just model a quick version so you can get the lengths right before you do the permanent version and you should be fine.

Srry to bring this back.
When I intake, and the cubes go above them(the intakes push them up), the cubes rotate and fall out of the tray. I was wondering if anyone encountered this, and/or had a solution? Thanks! I fixed the tray angle

your intakes are probably too close to your tray. try raising them a bit so the cubes can’t fall over the intakes.

unless your cubes are rolling to the sides, in that case you just need some walls and perhaps intake sled things. (little polycarb U’s on the back of intakes)

What do you mean by rolling to the sides?
They are on hinges.

the cubes, not your intakes, my bad.

They sorta go into a diagonal. I will share a picture tomorrow.

Here is a video:

listen to me kid not enough compression

Logan, my compression is perfect. I can intake 11+ cubes. It isnt compression.

couple things; It looks like you have decent compression, it’s obvious that the rollers aren’t equal distances from the tray though. That’s why they are getting thrown all over the place. Then, your treads on the intakes are awfully loose. That probably doesn’t help anything. Then, how do you do 11 cubes if they keep coming out that easily? Do you even have a tray that holds 11?

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Your right roller, as looking at it from the video, is way closer to the middle of the tray. That’s throwing the cubes all over the place, because it’s so offset. Tray guards might help too.