Lowest RPM for Single Flywheel

Has anyone found the lowest RPM to launch balls on? I’m looking specially at a single-axle flywheel with 5" wheels.

I’m not looking for gear ratio, but rather the exact rpm you launch the balls with

Couldn’t say about the lowest, but our launcher needs:

2176 RPM for the full-court
1888 RPM for the mid-field

I am running around 1000 for bar shots, but I know I have to bring my compression down a bit

We used to run 1:21 and still overshot by quite a bit at max speed.

Lol but you are very good at getting the axles to be as friction less as possible

Full court my single flywheel with 5" wheels spins at 2217 rpm.
Midfield is 1783.

What angle are you using for this?

I’m at about 50 degrees and I use 2300. This is the theoretical minimum needed for 45 degrees.

Is there an equation you use to get the theoretical minimum?

I didn’t calculate, it but someone earlier in the season calculated about 24-26 ft/s and that comes to around 2300 rpm on a 5in wheel.