LRS Console: First Impressions

Thanks to all the hard work done by @TaranMayer and the REC Foundation, the LRS Console is finally released to the competitors at the World Championship!


This is the LRS Console home screen, which some of you might be familiar with already if you checked out the console. You’ll notice that on the left, there is a chat functionality. Not only can you chat with other teams, but you can even use custom emojis! Great for breaking out pogfish, kekw, or any other emojis from the 35 choices you have.

There’s more to the console, and while I was highly anticipating the release of the console as a competitor, it’s not my place to talk so much about it since I wasn’t the one who developed it… :sweat_smile:

If you want to see the full functionality of the console, a video was released with step-by-step instructions on how to use the console.

The primary reason I created this thread was because I have been quite animated about the release of the LRS Console and wanted to hear your guys’ opinions and first impressions with the software. Also, this will inevitably act as much-needed feedback to the REC Foundation, so this thread will be pretty helpful as long as we stay constructive, not to mention it will be fun to talk about Worlds and the console!