LRS skills ranking mixed with in person tournament ranking?

I remembered during EP summit, LRS ranking will not be considered as part of world skills ranking board because it is holding competitive advantages. However, the latest China LRS rankings are all over the IQ score board now. I wonder if RECF will address this or not.



Skills ranking board


The fact that a team with no competitive history (looking at team profile and past seasons) is currently holding 5 of the top 11 places in the world causes concern for me.

I have a firm grasp on what kids this age are capable of and what they are not. The adherence to the student centered policy is crucial for the long term survival of Vex. If teams who follow the rules feel like there is no way they can keep up, they will stop playing.

When a program shows up in Dallas with 6 identical robots that I myself in all my 20+ years of being a Professional Engineer working in the machine design field would not be able to come up with, it is a problem.


That organization has been competing (and somewhat dominating) in China for a couple of seasons. Just because a team is high in the rankings does not mean that you should immediately call their validity into question lol.

I agree, but sadly it is much more easier (and profitable) for RECF to do the bare minimum in policing student-centeredness in Mainland China rather than policing it with an iron fist. With so many of these orgs constituting a large user-base for VEX & RECF, something tells me they’d rather turn a blind eye rather than put an end to it.

And to speak for these events, I believe they were posted as these were held for teams who could not make the journey down to Hainan to play in the 2022 15th VEX Asian Robot Championship Chinese Trial due to COVID. So it can be reasonably assumed that if these teams were to attend the event in Hainan, similar scores would have been achieved.

Contrary to what you are saying, I believe that they would not have gotten similar scores. Most teams would practice, code, and tune their autonomous at home/school, wherever their main field is located. However, every field is different. If I have an autonomous that is very consistent at home, it could still fail at a competition(For example, the VEX Worlds fields for IQ were very bad). LRS generally takes place at the field the team wants to be doing their Skills on, so they will get a higher score.

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Interestingly enough, in China, a round of LRS events were hosted for teams who could not compete in_person during Change Up. The top orgs from those events saw similar scores at in person events. Same thing happened during Tipping Point when Asian Open got postponed to off-season.

But yeah, in general LRS will see teams doing better than at in-person comps. But knowing these orgs, I have no doubt they will do the same in person, especially seeing one of them in particular wining MS skills globally with their scores from August (these have nit been posted for MS VRC, or uploaded at all for HS). Just some food for thought.

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I am not questioning whether those scores are legit or even doable from those teams. That’s not the point. But RECf indicated LRS scores shouldn’t be part of the ranking, then it should be a rule there unless it’s changed somehow. We just like to understand from a team’s perspective whether this is allowed or not. Without a clear rule, we don’t know what to follow.

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Seems like the RECF rep determined the event should qualify teams for their regional championships, so the scores were posted to the global leaderboard. I didn’t see anything about LRS events being barred from having their scores posted to the leaderboards, so I guess you cannot trust everything you hear at the EP summit.