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Don’t get me wrong, grateful and happy that we are here. This is not a rant or being unhappy. Just my thoughts.

That said, it seems like most teams have two matches with two alliance. It seems like day three alliance are with repeats from the first two days. Has this happen at worlds before? I notified the DM before play even started about this and heard nothing and then after the first round again and nothing. There are 24 teams in a division, you shouldn’t have to repeat alliances. I know alliances are the luck of the draw, but this seems worse. This literally means whoever a top team is, if they get lucky and get paired with another 1-4 team twice, they’ll have a stronger chance at running away with the top alliance. We did 5-6 LRT during the season and don’t ever recall having the same alliance partner during an event.

What I would really like the REC to do is reassign day 3 matches to alliances that have not been partnered with already with and fix this. Any tagging to get an official response from any REC folks on here would be great since the DM isn’t answering my chat’s.

Thanks and good luck everyone!

Yeah, the kids will have fun and do their best, I just want to bring this topic u[

This was a problem that was noted prior to worlds. Invoking @Brad_Lauer as your best bet. But now that the match schedules are done (and you’ve completed day 1) they are not going to change it.

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I’m glad I’m not the only who see’s this as an issue. I’m almost certain if it stays this way, the top teams in each division will all likely have a common theme, they played two matches together. This is gonna leave a bad taste in a lot of mid level teams that didn’t get the lucky double pairing. Was this issue brought up on another thread somewhere?

Given the duplicate rounds happen the third day, I don’t see why this can’t be fixed, heck, I can write up some SQL or excel formula if they need the help redoing the last day. I get you can’t change tomorrow because those teams have already planned, but there is still time to fix Wednesday duplicate round.


I’ll take a look at this. It’s possible that this eluded our folks when the match schedule was generated. You can also call our support number if our Division Manager is busy. What is your team number and division? Thanks!

Brad Lauer

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We were in the technology division, and had a similar issue with the schedule.

Brad, thanks for the quick response. We are in the technology a division. I went through and I spot checked like 5-6 teams and I found multiple duplicates for everybody it seemed like. Team number is 46140a. It seems like day three was almost a repeat of day one from what I recall

We have the same issue. We got paired up with the same team 3 times and our practice round which makes it a total of 4 out of 8. We are in technology a, team 5164c

I looked at almost every team in technology A and it seems pretty much everyone repeats their alliances on day 3. I can’t see the schedule for technology B, so i can’t say if they are affected to. I called the REC phone number and talked to a few different people. Sounds like they are going to get with developers and see what is going on. It’s various obvious this is a bug in the alliance software, I’m just hoping they will fix day three matches. we shall see.

Feel free to call in as well to log the issue, the more people bring it up, the more attention it will get.

@mizdared @Martin_3759X
We’ve re-ran the schedule for day 3 in VEX IQ Challenge Elementary School. This includes all day 3 matches for Science A, Science B, Technology A, and Technology B. Thanks for letting us resolve this issue, and I hope that all teams have a great day of competition tomorrow (Wednesday)!



Please check your match schedule for today, we’ve optimized it and think teams are in for a great day. Good luck!


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thanks @Brad_Lauer !

No problem! Good luck @mizdared

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