LRT events

Just checking in to see if anyone is holding any LRT events this season. My district hasa told us no travel to in person events until after christmas. Been trying to find any Live Remote events out there. Thanks for any information and I hope everyone is having a great start of their season!!!

I would contact your RECF Team Engagement Manager … they have a good view of what is happening in your region.

In our region, we have noted a lot of challenges start of season during conference call with EPs and coaches - chicken and egg - which was first type of problem with posting of events due to who will register first - teams or events - teams wait for events to see opportunity and EP wait to post events to see are there teams. Also noted, lack of staffing at schools for after school clubs… myriad of reasons. Also, as you point out - district restrictions.

What is good in your note - after Christmas - think about why - usually equitable access to opportunities for all students - right now under 12yo can not get vaccinated. 12-16 vaccines are FDA emergency use authorization, which some hesitancy is understandable. I suspect 1) vaccine will be authorized for under 12 before end of year, if not sooner, and 2) 12-16 will be fully authorized soon as well do to efficacy. Those two factors will relax a lot of public health mitigation factors implemented today.

Now I would suggest take a step back - can your team perform well in terms of design development between now and the new year? is your organization large enough to develop a “skunk works” team that develops to thwart and challenge any competitive design your competitive team can come up - essentially challenge your design assumptions in house without having to go to in person competitions until new year?

Be creative and problem solve - sounds like you think competitions is the only way to determine the worthiness of your robot design … Circumstances during this pandemic require the most creative out-of-the-box thinking that bring the very best of all of us.


Thanks for the input. it is nice to be able to slow down and do designs and teach the kids a lot more than grab and go robotics. We are going very slow on building and getting ready for any type of events, we are planning an in house event where they will compete against each other. kids are looking forward to that. keeping my fingers crossed for some LRT events, that way the kids will see some other robots in action and be a part of it.

thanks again

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Think we have been in the past a “fast food” generation, maybe this is the time to go “slow food” and appreciate how the meal is made, and not just on the consumption aspect.

How you frame this with your students matters - for those on the fast food track, let them appreciate they are gaining a competitive advantage in understand how the sausage is made :slight_smile:

I know how much coaches/mentors are as competitive as their students and it pains that sometimes you need to bench the star competitor on a team because they lost sight of the value of their teammates. It is also an opportunity to let other members of the team/club shine by stepping up when the pressure of competition is down.

Enjoy that they are present and want to be engaged - build them up.


that is sooooo true… I am really enjoying the “slow” down!! I highly recomend it for all teams!!


As of right now, there are no live remote tournaments for the USA as of right now (the only 2 are for Taiwan & Colombia- Colombia one is a Girl Powered event).

You can search for LRT events by using the event type filter in robot events, like I did for the photo above.