LRT - problems with echo/feedback?

We just participated in our first LRT event this weekend. While most things went as smoothly as could be expected, we had a terrible sound problem with the site. Any time we unmuted for more than a few seconds, we got a lot of echo/feedback, to the point that it was nearly unusable. This happened even when we added external speakers to the PC and placed them as far as possible from the PC’s internal mic. It seemed a lot of the other teams had similar issues, so most were communicating with the ref via visible gestures (thumbs up, nodding, pointing, etc.).

Does anyone else have this problem? Any advice for avoiding it in future events?

In my experience, if you mute the other teams’ video (and maybe play around with other mute buttons), I’ve found that it can help. But that’s from my experience as someone who hosts events, not from a team’s perspective.

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We had that problem for all of last season. I would have hoped they would be able to fix it for this year.

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