LRT strategy document

Post Summary: Help contribute to a shared document for all teams to reference for strategy during LRT’s. This will help with the short timing between match’s and will make it easier for alliances to be on the same page.


More Details:
For LRT worlds, it’s going to come down to ability and execution at this point. But alliance strategy will be more important this year than in years past. It feels like worlds is going to be like a daily LRT like the REC hosted. So 4 matches over a 2-3 hour period each day. Everyone will be busy and focused during this time. Last thing anyone wants to have happen during LRT’s is there alliance to misunderstand strategy and put risers in the wrong place.

It kinda feels like if there was a community built type document with all different strategy’s routes listed out for scores, you could easily chat with your alliance and pick a predefined strategy and keep things simple and avoid confusion. There’s lots of different Youtube videos of people doing different things, that it doesn’t feel like any secrets would be given away as far as routes by adding to this doc. And if you do have a secret plan, everyone will see it day 1 and use it on day 2, so not much of a secret.

So what I have done is started a Google Sheet open for anyone to add to. This can be for any range of scores and elementary and middle school. Follow the templated rules to add your strategy. I’ve also added a section to put your team and max capability in it as well if you like. Again, the more you can plan ahead, the better you are likely to do. Then just reference the document during worlds to pick and choose.

I know it’s two days before worlds, so a little late on this idea, but let’s see what we can put together in a short time.

Thanks and good luck!


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