LRT unplayable, competition tomorrow, HELP


Today we tried to run practice matches using the LRT system (both 2v0 and 2v2). Both times we were unable to complete the match.

What happens is that after autonomous ends, none of us had the “Verify score” button appear even after we updated our own scores. In order to make it appear we had to reload the page, and once that happened and we began driver control our robots were unresponsive (there was still a “pause” icon displayed on the controllers). Reconnecting the controller, refreshing the page, and restarting the program all did not work.

Can someone please advise? Our first LRT is tomorrow at 3am

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We were having the same problem yesterday as well, we never did figure it out.

Your best bet is probably to contact your Regional Support Manager - you can find the correct person here:


I believe this was an issue isolated to the practice matches on LRT.

Give it another try, it should be working now.