LRT World Championship 2022

Hi, I am a highschool team. Sadly, we did not qualify for the in person vex high school world championship, so we are wondering if we can still qualify for the LRT World Championship. I have looked around and could not find much info. Thank you!

You have to do 3 things:
Qualify for worlds (unfortunately no for you)
Not go to in person worlds
Have played in at least one LRT of any type this season.

However, you can still add yourself on the waitlist and hope that some spots aren’t taken

EDIT: that LRT must be before 27th march and this is the passage

  1. Teams must have qualified to the 2022 In-Person VEX Worlds.
  2. Teams may not be registered to the 2022 In-Person VEX Worlds.
  3. Teams must be listed on the Official LRT Standings as of March 27, 2022.
    Teams who have been selected will be invited to the Remote VEX Worlds on March 29, 2022.
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so even if we do not have a invite, we can still register for it?

You can add yourself to the waitlist but not to the actual tournament

Is that the same for in person? also if we were lucky enough, would we be able to get in? or just on the wait list

I think it is the same. You can add yourself to the waitlist, but the RECF can chose to close it with less that full capacity. Same goes for LRT worlds.

EDIT: quote

Waitlist: If there is remaining capacity due to teams not accepting the invite after the Robot Skills
Rankings invites have been issued, the capacity will either be lowered, and the event will be closed,
or teams will be invited from the waitlist. This will be decided by the REC Foundation Manager.


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