Lubricant for Linear Slides

What lubricants would be appropriate for the use with linear slides? We have 8 of them on our robot and want it to be working as well as possible. Is it really even necessary? We have one slide that doesn’t move as well as the others, and just wanted to lube it up :stuck_out_tongue: I read somewhere that you can’t use aerosol based lube, so no WD-40?

We use white lithium grease.

graphite works alright. most lubricants will work though… we once used trombone slide grease and it was amazing

First do a quick match up of slide parts, some fit together better than others. Then use very fine steel wool to make all the surfaces bright and smooth. Then assemble and lube. I also use white lithium grease.

If you get too sliders that just won’t fit together you can get a pair of pliers and carefully bend the outside slider outward (so it is wider).