Lubrication Allowed?

Is there any offence against lubrication?

We are hoping to lubricate a glide on our robot, and we do not know if it is allowed or not…

lubrication is not an official vex piece, nor is it in the list of other parts. it is not alloud

I believe this question was raised on the official FTC Q&A forums, and the answer was that if you bought the replacement motor/servo gear pack and removed the grease from these components, you could reapply that grease to other parts of the robot (like the linear slide pack you’re talking about). I’ll have to go find the post and make sure that was the response…

You have that backwards, look here

After looking in the official Q&A robot thread, there are several posts pertaining to the use of lubricants and modification of motors/servos. Specifically, look at replies 8, 12, and 26. Normally you would not be allowed to modify the vex motors to get the lubricants from the gears, but according to post 26, the spare motor/servo gear pack is not an electrical component and can be modified. So it is to my understanding that you can buy spare motor gear packs and use that lubricant on you linear slide packs.

Short answer: I believe you can.
Long answer: You’d better go register on the official Q&A forums and post this question yourself, because it has not yet been answered in a straightforward manner.

Ok thank you everyone.

I don’t think lubrication is allowed as it is not a part of standard VEX pack. So It is not allowed.


Did you follow the links cited in the first quotation above, and read the official Q&A material found there??? If you did, I am confused about what you are basing your opinion on.

While the Q&A material doesn’t completely clear up the subject, it does make it pretty obvious that the lubricating material used in/on the motor/servo internal and spare gears in the Starter Kit and the Motor/Servo Kits might be legal.