Lunch at Worlds (Part 2)

So there was a discussion going around for animators to hold a meeting to share ideas, thoughts, questions, etc. during lunch on one of the days at Worlds…

I would like to suggest the same thing, only for outreach people…

If you are an outreach person, or do anything with media, public relations or the like, I would like to invite you to join a discussion during one of the lunch breaks to discuss how we can spread the message of robotics…

Any thoughts/comments would be appreciated!


Hi Uncle Joe,

Lets coordinate and make sure we don’t schedule on top of each other. I love the fact that this idea has spread.


Sounds like a good idea!

In fact, let’s take it one step further… there are three days to compete, right? So three lunch periods…

So we will have meetings for the minorities of robotics teams… One for the animators, one for the outreach people, and maybe one for the sponsor/funding people?

I think these are three critical parts of teams that are often neglected… Let’s try and share some of the ideas that make great teams really great!

I don’t know, I need to think about all of this for a bit.

All I set out to accomplish was to have a fun lunch with friends, nothing more. I think it should stay that way.

Have fun!

Exactly… I would say lunch, with the goal of sharing ideas… right?

I think it’s important to network across the country, as everyone has different ideas, and it differs quite a bit depending on regions…

Just keep it informal and let the conversations take on their own form. and all of that will automatically happen.