Lynfield College Robotics - 2915A - First Gateway Robot

Hey everyone, we thought we could post our first Gateway robot online, because its up to generation 3 now of the design and we figured it wont hurt to post it.

This robot won the first two scrimmages of Auckland, New Zealand -

It had 6 motor drive, 2 393 and 1 269 on each side with the little double roller omni wheels geared 3:1, with a 6 bar linkage geared 1:7 with one 269 on each side.

Sorry that the pictures arent great, they are the only ones i could find.

If anyone else from new zealand has photos of THIS robot, not our new one feel free to upload them (or videos) just make sure its only ours, we dont want to leak other peoples robots as well :stuck_out_tongue:

Any questions feel free to ask :slight_smile:

what i find amazing is the 1:7 arm powered by only two 269s

Is the arm made of steel or aluminum? I gotta agree with murdomeek, that motor + ratio combination is truly remarkable… Congrats on your scrimmage wins! :smiley:

Yup, the robot is 100% aluminium pretty much

same here. It sure did really well though!

there you go :stuck_out_tongue:

btw how many objects can/did it hold?

this one only held 3 (any orientation)

looks nice! I admire the 2 motor arm too, did you guys use any elastic assist? How was the intake? By the looks of that final match did it suck up game pieces with ease?

Yes, it had a TON of elastics on the lift… we thought - why not? You dont need to hang this year :stuck_out_tongue:

Yes it did suck things up quite easily, im gonna try and find some videos to put online which will show this

how fast did the lift go up and down with no objects? How fast does it go up with three objects?

Nice Robot!!!

uhhhh, between 1 and 3 seconds(cant remember now…), it was the same with or without objects, like i said im gonna try to get some videos online -just need to track some down to upload :stuck_out_tongue:

cool intake, How wide is your arm?

did you use the 1 inch paddle for your intake?

LOL, not really, we kinda ran out of time so we took our round up robots intake and put it on its side basically and it worked surprisingly well :stuck_out_tongue:

The arm was ummm… 18" wide on the outer towers, and at the intake end the bars were 16" apart.

The paddles are the biggest there is (im not sure of the size)

I think he meant the intake part of the arm, not the towers…

Well there saying they used the round up intake, so this should be around 7 inches apart. :slight_smile:

Did you folks try the intake vertically and not slanted? And if so what was the difference in performance?

what did you attach your paddles to did you use the tank tread drive wheels or another way??
or could you post a picture closer-up, but if you dont want to thats fine :slight_smile:

Fair point :stuck_out_tongue:

They used hs chain, by the looks of it.

They used the “Conveyor-belt Base Links” from the tank tread upgrade treads on 6T high strength sprockets.