Mac Monterey Issue

Just updated Mac to Monterey and V5 Pro will not open. Get “ Profile Error Occurred. Your profile can not be used because it is from a newer version of NW.js” and crashes immediately. Tried cleaning and reinstalling Vex Pro multiple times and still doesn’t work.

What were you running previously ? Are you using the Big Sur build of VEXcode V5 Pro ?


Yes on Big Sur. However, the V5 Pro code itself will not open. It crashes pretty much instantly. The error message only showed for a sec and then the code crashes. We haven’t been able to attempt to open individual program.

try deleting the VEXcode app support folder at ~/Library/Application Support/VEXcode Pro V5

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Error doesn’t flash, but program still crashes immediately…actually crashes before it finishes starting up

Sounds like a running error to me- maybe the devs will patch it soon-