Macro to record controller input from driver control

I’m trying to code a macro to record controller input from driver control so I can convert it into input for autonomous. How would I go about doing that?

First of all, what programming software are you using? Just for a tip if you’re planning to make more posts for coding help it is probably best to always tell the community what you are programming your robot(s) with.

The broad strokes involve building two systems: a recording system and a playback system.

What’s the problem you’re trying to solve with this recording system? Recording systems are usually not the easiest or best way to solve most problems. (I wrote one for fun and to show off SD card support when we added it to RMS, but it’s not something I would have done as a competitor trying to write an autonomous routine.)

I remember our team (and many others) doing this a long time ago. I forget the exact resources that we used (our code is long deleted), but here’s a useful link to an older post. You can take a look at the concepts that they used to formulate something for yourself, but don’t expect to find already-written code (especially with the rise of tracking wheels and motor/speed controllers).

You’re gonna need very precise control in autonomous to do this accurately, and a driver will not be as perfect as a well programmed autonomous. This would be cool, but you should consider doing something else for auto.

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I’m using c++ on VexCode