What are some good robotic or technology related magazines that don’t cost that much, but are still good to read?

Popular Science, it’s really cheap, but it’s sweet.


servo, nuts and volts, robot, vex magazine

I got Popular Science, has anybody read Popular Mechanics?

no, link to their site?

Popular Science is great, but I hate it that they are getting into the totally political “global warming” thing. That is why I am going to subscribe to PC MAG and take a break from Pop Sci.

oh i love pc mag!!! i just dont have a subscription…

Heres the link to the Popular Mechanics website.

some nice articles there, so many magaznes i would love subscriptions to but…money’s an issue!!!..always! i like jamie from mythbusters rant on stupid pontless annoying technologies

i have robot but some other one i like are pc mac popular mechanics and some other one i cant name

Lots of advertisements in PS, but I have been reading it on and off for about 40 years now (I am only 41), but my dad had a subscription since before I was born… :wink:

So true, way too many advertisements. I also think that they are obsessed about “global warming” and not about cutting edge science.

OK… I have read every article in every issue for the past 2 years and I have only seen like 2 articles on Global Warming, at most. You would think they would have more than that seeing as how important it is.


Whatever, I am not going to get into politics, but the actual science (not Al Gore’s nonsense) shows us that “global warming” is not man made. It is actually just weather patterns that earth experiences.

lol we could start a contraversy about global warming but if you really want to, do it on another thread on another forum

so anyone know any good magazines?

No thanks.

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Cool, did not see the tread.

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