Magic Rollers/ Intake? How does it work

In this video it shows a type of rollers that supposedly is magic. It has the ability to intake balls from around the side of the robot. How does this work? If it does, how useful would this be for this year 2020 -21’s game: Change Up?

It looks to me that the ball gets pushed under the intake somewhat and is able to stay in contact with the rollers.


I’m not sure how feasible this is due to the size of the balls. Your intakes would have to be mounted on a pivot in order for this to work

You probably dont want your intakes to suck in everything you touch anyways

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I accidentally did it last year with cubes, but the difference in shape might be an issue with where the intake need to be mounted on this.
I think it should be doable with some workarounds.

Yeah, my intakes did a similar thing, by rolling the cubes under the intakes but I hated it since I would just end up with cubes of unwanted colors

Drove me crazy on skills. Would pull me off course and throw me off in skills, especially during straight aways. It might not be too beneficial this year either honestly.

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That video shows the intake doing a lot of extra motion which I’m not sure is required. Maybe this video will show another example to help you understand what’s going on.