Magic Unicorn Mechanisms?

Disclaimer: I thought this post would make less clutter in this thread.
Hey guys. Here’s a question, how would you build a magic intake or a sling-shot flip-bar? Is it as simple a gearing a bar and tying some rubber bands to it, or am I missing something? We’ve tried experimenting with different applications but to limited success. Thanks in advance.

The most important factor is the height which the roller and ball makes contact. Too low, and the ball can’t get stuck under the roller. Too high, and the ball wont touch. Because of this, the height of the roller, and the angle is critical. Too much of an angle, and the system wont have the sweetspot.

Aim for a low angle first. Then slowly lower the lift onto a bucky ball until it rolls in and keeps the current height. Measure the height you have and find that distance in spacers. Add the spacers to the intake roller. Retest the system and make tweaks as needed. The tweaks should only improve grabbing speed.

*make sure you use a foam tile when grabbing.

I’m referring to the intakes and mechanisms that fling out solely utilizing rubber bands.

Lots of intakes use rubber bands to pull it down from the start because they don’t originally fit within the 18 inch limit. The only trick that’s happening is that part of the intake is forcefully placed somewhere on the robot that keeps it up in the 18, and then when the intake spins or has motion applied to it, the rubber bands pull it into the desired position.

Some things that depend entirely on rubber bands alone (and some friction) are a bit harder to get. For example, I had wheelie bars on one of my robots the past year. I bent some of the metal up and made it lean against a screw, and before the match, I had to set up my robot very carefully. Whenever my robot did it’s initialization sequence, the ‘shock’ from the intake falling was enough to push those wheelie bars out.