Magnet following sensor

Wouldnt it be cool if vex created a sensor that would follow magnetic activity

Yeah it would be, it would be even nicer if it could detect how close it is to a magnetic field. It would have to have a decent range on it though, and if it did have a decent range i would be worried about the motors triggering the sensor.

Are you saying you’d like a compass sensor? I believe there are third party compass sensors avaible that will work with the VEX M/C.

im not sure how a compass sensor works but im pretty sure thats it

Works like a… Compass!! You know, point it any direction and it follows north. You could program it to follow a direction relative to north. Could be used for field relative autonomous. Kind of like StangPS from Team 111’s 2003 championship robot.

yes i know that part lol
but what i mean what kind of chips does it use to actually be used as sensor

i would just like vex to make new sensors, and a compass would be great.

A gyro would be better especially if FIRST went on ahead for next season’s challenge’s VEX robot size requirements to be larger.

Why would the requirements need to be larger? Personally, I think the size is large enough. All the robots I’ve ever made are only 2/3 the size of the FVC limit.


The strength of magnetic fields falls off in proportion to cube of the distance from the magnet. A magnetic field sensor that is sensitive enough to detect fields from ordinary magnets at non-trivial distances would be pretty expensive… Sensors that operate over sort distances are the inexpensive reed switches used on windows and doors in burglar alarm systems.


why not just put a very strong magnet on the front of ure bot and pull it around lol i think a magnet sensor would be kool but i dont know what you would use it for like if you were planning on just holding a magnet in ure hand and walking and have ure bot follow you you could just use a light sensor a cmu cam or whatever