Magnetic Camera?

So, with what I have been reading on the vex forums, it appears that magnets are not allowed as part of a robot design. And a small camera can be used as long as it is not providing any live results/transmissions to the drivers. But say I have a small camera that happens to have a magnet as part of its design. Would it be legal to stick it onto a steel c-channel or rest it on the steel vex part and make it seem like it is just sitting there while it is actually stuck to the metal?

For things like this I would probably use Rule < G3 > (use common sense). Whether or not it is within the spirit of the rule depends on the application. If it is a COTS item that happens to have a magnet as a part of it (or some small magnetic pull) that you are in no way using or intending to, then it’d likely be legal. If you just need a way to stick the camera to your robot, you might use zipties and rubber bands if you can’t screw it on. However, if you are using the magnet for a strategic advantage (especially if it wasn’t initially part of the camera or it’s a custom camera) that’s crossing the line and would not be legal. However it is important to keep in mind that it is ultimately up to the discretion of the referees and inspectors.