i was wondering, is there a such magnet that directs the magnetic field in a straight line? all of the magnets i have experience with just has an almost cirrcular field. or at least is there something that can insulate magnetism and direct it elsewhere? like tape? paper? something? i might need some of these for a top secret project i’m working on…

I have two different plans for this project, so if these magnets don’t exist, it’s not the end of the world for me. this plan just seems a bit more reliable…


I don’t think that’s possible…

I like top secret projects too :stuck_out_tongue:

I’m pretty sure the bar magnets are more straight, but other than that, no…

Magnets create a field between two poles, hence why many of them have elliptical fields. Technically you could brute force one pole, but it would have to use a lot of energy to manage and would still look for the opposite pole to make a field with.

This might work:
[FONT=Courier New]```____ /=======\ [/FONT]
[FONT=Courier New]/ |N| ========= |S| \[/FONT] [FONT=Courier New]`/ /````\=======/````\ \[/FONT] [FONT=Courier New]| | ````````````````` | |[/FONT] [FONT=Courier New]`\ \_________________/ /[/FONT] [FONT=Courier New]_
Sorry for the ` symbols, spaces wouldn’t work.
= signs mean directions of field.
This arrangement hopefully will make a straight enough field.