Main controller shuts off when we use the partner controller

Has anyone ever had an issue with the main controller not working when you try to use a joystick on the partner controller, we cannot find anything online.

Check the batteries in both controllers. If that’s not the issue, then make sure you have them plugged into the right ports.

I have a question about the partner controller too…

Do you have to use the partner controller, or would it work to tether 2 VEXNet joysticks together?

You can use two “regular” VEX Joysticks – you do not have to use the “partner” Joystick.

You can tether two VEX Net controllers together. However, you should then only put the VEXNet key in one of the contollers.

@Colossus we have them both on, but when we program our lift to use a joystick on the partner controller instead of a button, the entire main controller stops working

My fix would be to use 2 different controllers and find out the problem later

Or go to a single control. My driver is amazing and we don’t need an assistant driver because he is more than capable of executing everything in perfect timing.

@DylanMckenzie33 Both of them work fine if we switch the lift to a button instead of a joystick so I don’t think that it would be a controller issue, but I’ll try it when I get home.

@awesome master9 I would move your lift to the trigger buttons or the U and D button. Give your driver options…

None of your suggestions have helped the original problem. Telling a user to just simply “Give the driver more options,” or “My driver can do this, so make you’re driver do it too.” isn’t finding a constructive solution. Also, Using two controllers has benefits, such as showing the judges that the drivers can work together, and the programmer can effectively move controls to different operators.

@awesome master9 I would post your code in this forum, and then start experimenting with a different partner controller. It sounds more like a hardware problem, but if you’re sending more than one value to the main controller at a time, then problems like the one you have could occur.

@9210_Sam Yes, I understand what you mean. The easiest solution would be to entirely just replace the controllers, or redownload the new firmware on both controllers