Main Website Issue

This is a bug on the “main” website, but I wasn’t sure who to contact. Thus, I thought I’d post it here, and figured that someone would see it. :slight_smile:

On the “Find a Reseller” page (, the links for individual states do not work. It appears that all the anchors are above the “Alabama” header, rather than above the respective states headers.

It works for me on my galaxy nexus running 4.2.1 using the latest chrome…

Maybe its an issue with your state Vermont worked for me…

Edit: tested multiple states and it works just fine…
Must be your web browser… tell me your not using IE

I just tried like 5 states and mexico, I just randomly clicked. They all functioned correctly not sure what could cause the issue on your side just try again and see if it is fixed.

Hmmm… Ok. I’m using the latest version of FireFox (16.0.1).

The states do not work. However, the international locations do work… :confused:

Now that is interesting. For me internet explorer doesn’t work either but Chrome does. My best guess would be the people who set it up only tested with chrome and that it is some bug with how the browsers treat links.