We are at a home tournament right now and we have 6 teams competing from our school and we have 10 v5 batteries 2 of them do not show any lights no matter what we do (reset switch,charging, ect) we can’t update firmware because they have no charge and they wont charge what should we do

You should work with the remaining 8 batteries.

Did you update to VEX OS 1.0.2? and did you update all the battery firmware?

First, don’t panic. Do as lacsap suggests and update all your firmware.

Second, from what I understand, these V5 batteries last a long time once they are charged and they take only about an hour to charge. Just take a deep breath, rotate your batteries, and you can all make it through the day with what’s still operational. Think: “Houston, we have a problem.”

Its not that big of a deal its a small tournament i just wanted to get people to respond but I cant even charge them to try and update firmware but they were working up until about 3 days ago and i think they were updated to the most recent firmware. It would be nice to have them to practice for skills but its whatever.