Make it real CAD challenge: Multiple Parts?

From what I understand, last year, teams were allowed to design multiple parts to compete in this challenge. However, based on the phrasing within the description, are teams only allowed to make 1 part?

Also, based on this line:

the second question is that even though a team is allowed to create multiple pieces which assemble into a single, distinct part, do these pieces have to be used at the same time/can these parts be interchangeable?

For example, a 4" wheel is sold with a normal tire on. However, some teams choose to remove the tire, or replace the tire with the 4" high traction tire. As such, the team chooses to modify a part with it’s own accessories, but can only use up one accessory at a time.

Another example is the High Strength Gears. With the addition of the high strength axle, teams don’t always need inserts. However, prior to the high strength axle, teams needed round and square hole inserts. However, these parts were never used at the same time.

Or is the intent of the rule to allow a part to be made of multiple parts to increase its functionality, such as a Rack (composed of an acetal shell with a metal base for screws)

The third question regards elegance and functionality. The quote below includes two of the four criteria in evaluations:

Will a part score lower under elegance because it is composed of multiple parts? If so, will this carry through to parts which have interchangeable segments?

Hello Draco - cool name! Apologies for this extremely tardy reply, but I am new to the VEX Forums as of earlier today. :slight_smile: I’m happy to see you jumped on this challenge months ago!

I’ll do the best I can to help answer your questions:

  1. This challenge is somewhat different from last year, and hopefully you will find the changes to your liking. You may submit multiple parts as multiple entries, as long as each part is unique/different and meets the Challenge requirements. If a single part consists of multiple pieces, that is still considered one “whole part.” You may choose to enter as an individual, so that one team may have multiple entries (again, all entries must be unique/different).

  2. You may use as many parts as needed - you are not limited to just one part in your design. You shared some good examples with the wheel and the high strength gears. The rule is really intended as a minimum requirement - you must design at least one part in order to submit a valid entry.

  3. No, you will not be penalized if your part is composed of multiple parts. The elegance score is really all about the design itself, and ease of manufacturing the part - does it make sense, and is this the best/most efficient way to improve/perform this function? If there is a simpler part that could achieve the same function, then consider submitting the simplified one.

I hope that answers your questions, please let me know if I may be of further assistance. I wish you best of luck in the challenge!