Make It Real CAD Challenge Question

Hi there!

I have a follow-up question from this thread regarding parts from outside source.
Let say that in my CAD, there’s a reserved space for anyone to place any sensor they desire but that sensor cannot be from the VEX Catalog. Can I grab a Sensor CAD from an outside source just to demonstrate that you can use many sensors including the one I’m inserting? Or do I have to design the sensor in CAD too?

Thank you in advance!

Great question. Please clarify: is the sensor a part of/included in your custom designed part for 3D printing, or is your custom part design independent, and just working WITH the sensor? If it is a component of the custom designed part itself, you must design the sensor in CAD; however, if the sensor is not included in your custom designed part, and your custom part is working WITH this (or any) sensor, then you are not required to design the sensor in CAD. If you clarify just a bit more, I can post your final answer. Thanks!