Make it Real CAD Engineering Challenge, sponsored by Autodesk

The Make it Real CAD Engineering Challenge, sponsored by Autodesk is now available on the Online Challenge page on

I’m in, I want that printer.

Age limit ???

I’m looking forward to see what teams have to offer, especially since it’s our team’s first time wanting to get involved in online challenges. We simply didn’t know they existed until we went to worlds in 2014, and we were too busy starting up a robotics team last year transitioning from our Junior High to our newly established High School base. I’m looking forward to the CAD online challenge because I’ve recently learned how to maneuver Solidworks, and transitioning that over to Autodesk Inventor should be a synch.
Wish all the teams luck, and I hope our community develops a useful product that would really be beneficial for next year! Until then, any advice is much appreciated!

~Ex 7998B

I’m currently 23, going on 24. Assuming that 13-24 is inclusive (is it?) then I’m a valid participant. And of course I’m a full time student.

These are interesting, but this challenge will require some thinking.

Egg on face.

This is the printer I thought they were talking about… a $6,000 Ferrari of a printer, and something I’ve been drooling over since I read that Autodesk was entering the 3D printing arena.

I read Autodesk and E…something…something… printer on my phone and assumed.

This is the actual printer, which I’ve never heard of and is not exactly something I’m all that interested in.

Significantly less interested :frowning: might still enter something for fun.

This is an awesome prize package for a student though!

Um, interesting. I might do it. But I will still keep posting everything on the forum and letting everybody see it.

We need an integrated ratchet mechanism that one can easily attach to a flywheel. Using the stuff from the winch and pulley kit with the old 84 tooth gear is just too huge.

Anybody feel free to grab the idea… will ya? :smiley:

I WAS THINKING THE EXACT SAME THING!!! well now the ideas out in the open not sure if i want to compete with the community for it but i still feel like it would be one of the best additions to the vex world.

Does anyone know what type of drone it is?

I have a few ideas for ratchets, but I don’t think I would be able to 3D print them because ABS is too stiff and/or I would need small spring to be inserted with a screw. I will need to check the legality of the spring.

Which part of the “Brief Conclusion” is putting you off from entering?

My understanding was that it was the Autodesk software. I think he meant that he isn’t willing to use Inventor.(Inventor IMHO is way better than Solid Works)

Are we permitted to use different rendering programs to submit pictures? Other than Fusion or Inventor? Or are those the only two programs we can use for all aspects of the project?

If we already have a printer, are we invalidated for the winning of the main prize?

We appreciate the enthusiasm for the new challenge, but I wanted to remind all of you that there is a sub-forum for official Q&A on the Online Challenges.

Are teams allowed to have members submit more than one entry in the competition? Thanks in advance!

This would be a great question for the official Online Challenges Q&A.