Make motors spin by degrees in auton

How do I rotate by degrees both the left side of the drive train and the right side at the same time? I’m using motorgroups instead of the actual drive train if that helps

can you show me your code?

It’s jsut two spinfor functions, one for each half of my drive train, and then a 2d array that saves the motor degrees every 20ms

In the spinfor function, add a parameter at the end with false. This is the wait function. Generally, it is set as true to not move on until the movement is finished. You can change to false to move on. An example :
Lift.spinFor(forward,30,degrees); //must be changed to Lift.spinFor(forward,30,degrees,false);

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Alright then thanks I’ll let you know if it fixes the problem fully

So yeah it didn’t work as it should sadly. But it’s doing something! I’m gonna do some experimentation.

Exactly what did it do? pls send code and videos of bot

Nah it’s an unrelated issue. Degrees aren’t saving accurately, I just need to multiply it by some number for it to work. I found a workaround anyways

Left.startRotateFor(vex::directionType::fwd, 846, vex::rotationUnits::deg);
Right.rotateFor(vex::directionType::fwd, 846, vex::rotationUnits::deg);

if you are using vexcode pro this will work