Make: Nothing to be done for 'all'

I was wondering what make: Nothing to be done for 'all' meant because my code does not seem to be transferring to the Brain when that appears on the output.

Can you post your code? thanks

Well, that’s the issue. I would have to paste in my whole code because I do not why that is popping up in the output section. I was wondering if you had a similar experience and knew what that meant when it popped up in the output. It isn’t an error, it is just a prompt on the output but it is not transfering right because of it.

Its fine if you post your whole code, I can just copy and paste it into vexcode on my end.

I’ve never seen an error like that one before…

I sent you a PM of the code

aight so for the record in case anyone else stumbles upon this thread some day, this is not an error code. It just means that it doesn’t have to compile the code because there weren’t any changes since the last build (like it’ll compile normally if you add and then delete a random letter inside of a comment).
The code should have already built and transferred to the brain.

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