"Make" with PROS

Hi PROS Team!

It appears, in the latest version of PROS, GNU make is not installed in windows. Will MinGW’s make work? How about Cygwin? Are there any PROS-specific bundles for make?


GNU make is installed, just not added to PATH. If you go to your PROS installation directory and look through the files, you’ll find it, then you can add that folder to PATH (I would just post the directory but I’m not at my computer right now).

If you’re just trying to use PROS, running

pros make

on the command line is all you need (or

pros mu

to also upload the code to the Cortex).

GNU Make and the rest of the toolchain should install every time. This is the first instance where I’ve seen GNU Make specifically not installed. Can you check in C:\Program Files\PROS to verify that the toolchain is installed? If it is, running

pros make

or using the build tool in Atom will work correctly if the


environment variable is set (may not be set in some configurations where your user account is not an administrator account).

Regardless, you can use MinGW or Cygwin’s make assuming you have the rest of the toolchain.

@edjubuh @Barin
D’oh! I have to add it to my Path! For anyone with the same problem, if you’re using Atom & Powershell (the default terminal that opens), you must add this as a startup command (look inside the Platform IDE Terminal Settings):

$env:Path += "C:\Program Files\PROS\toolchain\bin