Make your drone into a Smart Drone

Hello, my name is Rakshak and I wanted to share my project, the RAVN, which enables your multi rotor to be easy to program and build autonomous applications for.

The reason we’re developing the RAVN is because I found programming multi rotors to be a far cry from the ease of programming computers. When you program a computer you have communities sharing plenty of existing code, support, and know-how.

If you program a multi rotor using a popular flight controller such as a Pixhawk you’ll find yourself swamped trying to program at a low level, using new tools with minimal support, and scattered resources.

Our platform on the other hand is designed to leverage existing code by installing a mini computer directly on your multi rotor. This makes it easy for integrating existing computer vision scripts for environmental monitoring, easily adding any additional sensors, and continually upgrading the development experience.

If you are interested in building the future of multi rotors and unleashing their potential in personal missions, robotics competitions, etc. please reply below. I’m more than happy to answer any questions.

Thank You!

I assume that you have some sort of image analysis algorithm, which could be very useful in robotics for the college level.