Making a dragster any advice?

It’s going to be raced on Carpet and we are allowed 2 motors, any advice?

If you’re going in a straight line and have a long enough runway, then maybe have one motor geared for torque, and the other geared for speed.
The one geared for torque will get the bot moving to a certain speed, then when you’re going fast enough, code it so that the bot switches over to the motor geared for speed, which should really allow you to take off.

Although it would take some advanced building with ratchets and the like to achieve this

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You could gear the two motors together then gear for speed, you should find a good middle ground between top speed and good acceleration.

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Try to give yourself a very low center of gravity. Also try to get rid of any friction in your drive so that you can launch quickly.


Maybe use rubber bands if you can to get those wheels going faster fro.a standstill


also to go along with the rubber band theme, don’t use omni wheels, use any other wheel that can get you a lot of traction. P.S. this is a really cool topic and I might try this myself with v5 just to see how quickly I can accelerate :slight_smile:

we don’t have any v5 motors so we are using regular ones tough

You could use ratchets to have both motors turn the wheels slower when they both turn one direction and then turn both motors the other way to make the dragster accelerate further. Also I would use a bling drive which is omni wheels with the small screws used for cortex motors stuck between the rollers and the hard plastic hub. These wheels have better traction than the rubber ones and are more smooth. Happy Building!


This isn’t advice but DANG… I wanna do that now with VEX EDR! Or bumper robots

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Use high friction wheels wrapped in rubber bands