Making a slip gear

It looks like you just shave part of a gear off to make a slip gear. But what do we use to shave it off? We were thinking about like files or something to cut it off. Please tell us if there is some easier way to make a slip gear.

You can Dremel the teeth off, files will work too, but they’re slower.

A rough file would probably work but it will take a while. You can use a bandsaw or a hacksaw blade and roughly cut off the teeth, then smooth it down with sandpaper or a file. I’ve also seen kids use the sandpaper drum of a Dremel to take off the teeth, but it makes lots of dust.

I used a scroll saw and it worked very well for me.
Whatever you do, don’t use anything really fast moving like a dremel. It will just melt the teeth into each other.

Dremels work fine, you just have to use them right. Turn down the RPM and get a cut off wheel instead of a grinding wheel. Grinding wheels cause a lot of friction and melt the plastic while a cut off wheel will actually cut the teeth much like it cuts metal.

Go to a belt sander, and where the belt is looped over the roller, you should be able to see the side of the roller. Sanding over the edge of the belt will give a smoother product that allows you to retain the structural ridge.

That was just my experience. As soon as the dremel touched the gear, liquid plastic melted into the rest of the gear’s teeth.

I used the concrete on my driveway. XD
I used a dremel after that to smooth it out.

I have to second the belt sander. Much better than any saw. Then just finish with a file to make sure it is all smooth.

I’d recommend using a dremel cutoff blade to cut the teeth off initially. Then use a dremel sanding drum to smooth it over.

+1 for creative use of available materials.

Ahh a dremel sanding drum, I was making a slip gear with that, it got caught on the gear somehow, jumps off, and cut a cylinder in my finder down to tendons. not fun

I made a slip gear in 30 seconds using a bench grinder.

I just gave my sister a file while she was waiting for me in robotics.


I don’t have a dremel so I use a hammer and a chisel and it works very well for taking off one tooth at a time. After I use the chisel, I sand it down with a file.

That sounds like it would hurt… :frowning:

Dremels work fine, they are a bit fidgety but, if you go slow and take your time, it will work perfectly fine.

Sanders are the same, work slow and you will get what you want.

My favorite however is, a chisel and hammer, you brake each tooth down and then smooth it over with a file or sand paper. All work fine.

Pick your poison :slight_smile:

Our team for NbN used a rough file. As long as you have patience it will turn out just fine

A grinding wheel works but the plastic gets all gummed up in the stone wheel. Belt sander seems the most efficient and safe mechanism.